In memory of Rick Reinhard by Jan Thompson.  

In memory of Loren Charnley by Patty Blaney

In memory of James Crump by the Judd family

In memory of Gary Barringer by the Judd family 
Honor the dead by helping the living~ the Letourneaut's
In memory of Robert Cliff Hinkle by Kathryn Russell
In memory of Joseph Elliott Mercer ~ The Mercer Family
In memory of James Whitaker, Vietnam Veteran ~ Sonya Furr
In memory of Kermit C Enders ~ Betsy Enders
In memory of SFC William H Sloan, WWII and Korea ~ Sandra Johnson-Leu
In honor of SFC Donald J Leu, Korea and Vietnam ~ Sandra Johnson-Leu
In memory of John Sharketti, Jr ~ Karen Streussnig
In memory of CMS Owen A. Dickey, Jr. ~ Marcia Harris
In memory of James Lymon Ruffin, WWII, Purple Heart ~ Teresa King 
In memory of Edmund Doucette ~ Laura McLaughlin 
In memory of Arthur W, Wilson, WWII ~ Londa Morgan
In honor of Tony Wilson, Vietnam Veteran ~ Londa Morgan
In memory of James Bell ~ Brenda Boeck 
In memory of James Roach ~ Brenda Boeck
In memory of Orville Bennett ~ Amelia Bennett
In memory of Bliss C. Payne, WWII, USN, VFW Post 2031 Cdr 1956 ~ Allen Payne
In honor of Michael Bara, Army ~ Kim Bara
In memory of the crew and passengers of C130 tail number 69-6581 of 37 TAS that crashed shortly after takeoff from Ramstein AB on 14 Jan 1981 ~ Ernie Vera
In memory of Houston Howell ~ Anthony Brown
In honor of Mark Cannon, USAF ret., Desert Storm ~ Deidre Cannon
In honor of all veterans we serve ~ Cindy Hathaway, NC VFW Claims Consultant
In memory of Dick Bilyeu, WWII, POW, Bataan Death March ~ Joyce Bilyeu
In memory of William C. Osborn, US Army, Vietnam Veteran
In honor of Franklin and Herbert Fergerson ~ Shea Wayman
In memory of Lt Col David Hatcher USAF Ret, Vietnam, 7 year POW ~ Art Gordan 
In honor of the great women veterans selling Style Dots jewelry ~ Jane Perry
In memory of Don DeCosta, USN ~ Denise DeCosta
In memory of Robert Woods, Vietnam ~ Annamarie Kaminski
In honor of  Donald Woods Sr, Vietnam ~ Annamarie Kaminski 
In honor of Ronald Stremlau Jr,  Desert Storm ~ Annamarie Kaminski